Our strategy for value creation

Following our Purpose and leveraging our strong positions in international business, we aim to create superior value for all our stakeholders. With our Purpose at its core, the way we operate – the MIG Way – is our lever to implement our strategy. By pushing the boundaries of technology and embedding sustainability in everything we do, our people drive the performance of our market-leading and empowered businesses to new levels. Together with our common values, strong brand and governance framework, the Way will be leading us to become a more focused, successful, value-creating company.

Our Priorities

To implement our Way Forward, we are focusing on six priorities: 
Market leadership


Market leadership is key to the long-term success of our Divisions. We aim to maintain or strengthen position in all markets by providing our customers with leading products, services and solutions. Market leadership helps to improve profitability, drive superior returns and enable growth opportunities for our people.
Technology & digital
Our number one target is to cooperate with world-class technology and domain-led digital capabilities are deeply embedded in their DNA. Maintaining and improving our innovation, technology and digital leadership is a strategic priority across Divisions. Pushing the boundaries of technology enables us to help our customers attain new levels of performance and clearly differentiate offerings.
We believe our people are the most critical ingredient to our long-term success. A culture of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity is vital to our business success and makes us stronger. Relying on our people’s future-oriented mindset, experience and domain expertise, we push the boundaries of technology to drive performance, shape new business models and find new ways of working that make our customers, partners and society better off.
Portfolio management
Through active portfolio management we systematically evolve our portfolio at all levels of the organization to reinforce our Divisions’ market leadership by investing in growth, M&A activities and portfolio consolidation. On the one hand, we continuously question whether we are the best owner of our Divisions; on the other, we steer our businesses in line with their respective strategic mandates. Lastly, we actively pursue synergetic acquisition opportunities to fill whitespace and steer our overall portfolio mix towards high-growth sectors.
At MIG, we believe that sustainable development means progress towards a healthier and more prosperous world for future generations. This means balancing the needs of society, the environment and economy. To achieve this, we act and embed this approach to business across our value chain, creating superior value for all of our stakeholders.
Financial performance
By pairing our strategic priorities with a continuous improvement mindset, we will deliver improved performance in line with our financial framework:
  • 3 – 5% average annual revenue growth through economic cycle
  • ~100% cash conversion
  • 15 – 20% ROCE
  • EPS growth > revenue growth